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Machinery & Equipment

The app enables mill managers and quality teams to establish a baseline for biosecurity standards. (Image source: Anitox)

Feed millers around the world now have access to a biosecurity application that allows them to record past audits, identify areas of concern and establish a baseline for biosecurity, thus implementing sound manufacturing practices and adhering to regulatory biosecurity requirements

Dr. Vongkamjan and her team continue to further groundbreaking research and sustainable food production to redefine the biotechnology landscape. (Image source: UniFAHS)

Biotechnology company, UniFAHS recently announced that it has raised more than US$1.4mn in its seed funding round, propelling the company forward in its mission of growth and transforming food production using environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches

JRA provides FFT with a unique single-source solution for complete integration of FFT technology and data information. (Image source: Forever Feed Technologies)

Forever Feed Technologies (FFT) and JR Automation (JRA) recently announced an agreement to design and build on-farm controlled environment feed mills for large-scale dairy and beef cattle producer

Intflow EdgeFarm Grow. (Image source: IntFlow)

Korean digital agriculture company, Intflows new cutting edge AI technology EdgeFarm is set to receive the 2024 CES Innovation Award for helping pig farmers earn an additional US$500,000 per year

ALMACOs SeedPro Elite Research Planter delivers greater precision in planting, leading to better harvest data and faster advancement decisions. (Image source: ALMACO)

ALMACO has recently announced the launch of the new SeedPro Elite Research Planter, which uses cutting-edge plot planting technology to deliver unmatched precision in seed placement, clean alleys, and consistent plot dimensions

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