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Symaga enhances efficiency with new systems

Symaga's new SGA and MES IT systems streamline warehouse and production management, earning a Certificate in Technological Innovation from ACEI. (Image source: Symega)

Symaga has successfully implemented its new SGA and MES IT systems, significantly enhancing the efficiency of its raw material and finished product warehouse management 

The SGA system allows real-time execution of the raw material reception process, which is interconnected with Symaga's ERP system. This integration enables the immediate use of incoming materials, resulting in a more efficient storage system. Inventory management is streamlined using DataMatrix codes, facilitating the quick and accurate handling of large volumes of products.

Furthermore, the new SGA systems improve picking and loading operations by optimizing package allocation within the warehouse, thereby increasing efficiency and safety.

The MES system enhances product quality and manufacturing control by automating quality control processes and alerting operators when necessary checks are required. It provides real-time monitoring of all machines, recording and reporting incidents detected by operators, thereby improving production management. The MES system integration also facilitates order preparation from the factory, optimizes the creation of packing lists, and enhances order shipments through terminals equipped with code readers for real-time registration, reducing human errors.

Symaga has been awarded a Certificate in Technological Innovation by the Spanish Certification Agency ACEI for the design and development of this comprehensive system. This award recognizes Symaga's contribution to the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 during the implementation of the SGA and MES systems.

The intelligent digital management of warehouses and production is enabling Symaga to increase efficiency and productivity. This leads to cost reductions and faster, more efficient deliveries of its silos, enhancing competitiveness and supporting the corporate vision of becoming the largest manufacturer of storage solutions worldwide.