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Toro launches Flex Connect Layflat Connection System

Flex Connect is a great alternative to hose with pre-installed fittings. (Image source: Toro)

Irrigation solutions provider Toro has introduced Flex Connect Layflat Connection System, a differentiated line of fittings and tools for connecting drip tape to layflat hose

“Ordinary layflat fittings can be cumbersome and time-consuming to install and reuse in the field,” said Sky Anderson, Toro product manager.

“But thanks to an incredibly innovative fitting design, Toro’s new Flex Connect fittings make installation and reuse fast and easy, with less labour and maintenance. Plus, the handy installation tool creates a firm seal every time, and significantly reduces leaking,” Anderson added.

The company said Flex Connect is a great alternative to hose with pre-installed fittings. Flex Connect fittings come equipped with a removable layflat eye connection and an optional seal cap, so growers can choose any spacing – or even change the spacing later – while making sure the layflat can be re-rolled flat for easy movement and storage. Hose with pre-installed fittings forces growers into one specific spacing, which can be challenging for non-square or irregular-shaped fields.

Advantages of Flex Connect include:

-More spacing flexibility than hose with pre-installed fittings

-Perfect for non-square fields or reused layflat

-Fast and easy installation

-Less leaking

-Flexible and convenient

-Removable fitting and seal cap enable layflat to be easily re-rolled

-Wide range of configurations

-Includes valves, multiple tape nut connection options, and 5/8” and 7/8” drip tape IDs compared to ordinary layflat fittings

“As an innovator in the irrigation industry, Toro provides a full line of creative, innovative, and value-added solutions,” said Ralf San Jose, marketing director for Toro Ag. “Toro’s new Flex Connect Layflat Connection System is another example of our commitment to innovation. This new line of layflat fittings and tools is truly inventive and helps growers maximise performance, flexibility and profitability.”