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Water Ways Technologies completes its irrigation project in Central Asia

Head control system with automatic screen filters, pressure relief valve, water meter and other components to control the water’s pressure and content in Uzbekistan. (Image source: Water Ways Technologies Inc)

Water Ways Technologies Inc (WWT) has announced the completion of its first irrigation project in Uzbekistan, Central Asia

The value of this project is approximately US$362616 of which US$326354.40 have already been received by WWT and the balance is expected to be received in the coming weeks.

The irrigation solution has been delivered to the client after the completion of the quality assurance inspection. The project irrigates using drip irrigation technology servicing a field of 160 ha of cotton and includes a 20,000 cu/m reservoir for sedimentation.

Operation of the system will start in the next season with agronomic and technical assistance from WWT, to help the local farm in the utilisation of the new system and the implementing of agro-technical practices to improve the yield and output of the farm.

According to WWT, drip irrigation for cotton will be part of the Uzbekistan government's national plan for water and soil conservation. Over the past several years, flood irrigation has caused numerous environmental problems in Uzbekistan; the main one being soil salinity, which may lead to soil erosion, detrimental effects on future crops, sedimentation problems and damage to infrastructure.