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At its core, IntelliSense Bale Automation provides operators with a complete automated baling system focused on feedrate and swath guidance. (Image source: New Holland)

New Holland is steering toward autonomous baling with the first technology of its kind, IntelliSense Bale Automation which transforms the way customers and operators approach large square baling

The TMK 279 offers quality down to the last detail. (Image source: Fliegl Agrartechnik)

Fliegl Agrartechnik has developed a dumper that not only offers the perfect blend of power and performance but also boasts a wealth of innovative features for optimum use in agricultural applications

CNH invests in compostable Bale Wrap solution. (Image source: CNH)

CNH, through their investment arm, CNH Ventures is supporting the scientific development of the first viable compostable net wrap for bales in agriculture

The new Alfa Laval Rotating Retractor prepares hygienic vessels quickly and economically. (Image source: Alfa Laval)


Alfa Laval recently introduced the new Free Rotating Retractor, a highly efficient cleaning device that provides complete cleaning assurance and enhanced product safety, while also boosting uptime and productivity

The app enables mill managers and quality teams to establish a baseline for biosecurity standards. (Image source: Anitox)

Feed millers around the world now have access to a biosecurity application that allows them to record past audits, identify areas of concern and establish a baseline for biosecurity, thus implementing sound manufacturing practices and adhering to regulatory biosecurity requirements

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