Food & Commodity

Executives from ‘West In Avo Limited’ with a variety of their avocado. (Image source: Westfalia Fruit)

Westfalia Fruit, one of the leading multinational suppliers of vegetables and fruit has announced its expansion into India through a joint venture called West In Avo Limited with Sam Agri, an Indian agri-business company

The five restaurants using Haofood’s products to revitalise their cultures’ dishes are Green Friday, Topolino, STYX, Wrap and Roll, and The Pawon. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Haofood, a startup creating peanut protein-based alternative chicken, and five restaurants in Shanghai partner to offer peanut-based chicken via food science and technology

According to Protenga, farmed black soldier flies are a high-quality source of clean protein. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Protenga, a developer of insect technology and animal foods, recently closed a US$2mn venture debt facility with a syndicate of Singapore-based investors

BioBetter extracts growth factors for scaled cultivated meat production from tobacco plants. (Image source: BioBetter)

Isreali foodtech start-up, BioBetter has announced a new role for the Nicotiana tabacum plant upon discovering it can overcome the hurdle of scaled production in cultured meat

Vietnam looks to focus on its main export commodities, with an aim to revitalise its international trade, post-pandemic. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has published key insights for its international trade commodities such as chillies, shrimp and coffee

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