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Planting Profits unscrambles crop planning. (Image source: Planting Profits)

Planting Profits is partnering with ag retailers who are willing to help their customers evaluate their crop mix choices in a new way, bygiving dealers an opportunity to work with Planting Profits to deliver the new crop planning service for 2024

The WACAA aims to reach one million women globally by 2050. (Image source: ICBA)

On the occasion of COP28s Gender Day, the International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) announced the launch of the Women Alliance for Climate Action in Agriculture (WACAA), which aims to reach one million women globally by 2050

The WeLASER consortium working group is testing the prototype in the field. (Image source: WeLASER)

Pesticide-free agriculture is just around the corner with the introduction of a precision weeding prototype tool, that successfully eradicates the use of herbicides, thereby improving the productivity and competitiveness of crops

Peptyde Bio’s technology complements Invaio’s AI/ML-enabled discovery platform. (Image source: Invaio Sciences)

Bio platform company, Invaio Sciences has announced the acquisition of agtech startup, Peptyde Bio to bring an established platform and IP portfolio that enables Invaio to speed up the design and discovery of biologically active peptides capable of sustainably protecting crops from pests and disease

CGIAR launches a new investment case to support its 2025-2027 research portfolio. (Image source: CGIAR)

In an attempt to tackle the ongoing global food and climate crisis, CGIAR, the worlds largest publicly-funded agricultural research network has secured more than US$890mn to accelerate progress

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