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Spotlights on Asian cassava markets at StarchWorld 2019

The conference will showcase the outlook for cassava markets with impending shortage. (Image source: HarvestPlus/Flickr)

The eighth StarchWorld Asia will be taking place in Bangkok from 23-24 January 2019, highlighting cassava markets in Thailand and Vietnam

The demand for cassava starch-based products is growing and the global cassava starch market is expected to grow to 7.5mn tonnes by 2022.

Thailand is one of the leading producers of the root crop while others like Vietnam and Cambodia are also catching up. Thailand produces 28-30mn tonnes of fresh cassava roots annually and is the world's largest exporter of tapioca products, controlling more than 50 per cent of the global market.

Vietnam has more than 551,000 ha under cassava cultivation with the government aiming to produce 11mn tonnes of cassava tuber annually through 2020. Smart farming that ensures good soil organic matter and nutrients is essential for high productivity and quality.

A workshop on 'Introduction & Review of Modified Starches in the Light of the Clean Label Challenge' will be held on 23 January. The workshop is conducted by Dr Michael Radeloff, senior tutor, technology training courses.

Some of the major highlights of the event include:

· Outlook for cassava markets with impending shortage

· Opportunities to switch to sugar with current low prices

· Developments in smart agri technology for cassava plantations in Thailand

· Global corn markets and trade outlook with rising concerns over China-US trade tension

· The damage caused by CMD and what actions are in place to tackle the disease

· Discovery of resistant starch from novel waxy tapioca variety

· Advanced cassava breeding for modified starch