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The 18-month feasibility R&D project is taking place on lettuce crops in Agri-Tech Centre CHAP’s vertical farming facility at Stockbridge. (Image source: Debye)

The Agri-Tech Centres are working with innovative start-up Debye Ltd.'s groundbreaking lightning-based fertiliser technology that posesses immense potential to support farmers, climate and soil health

The system works by stimulating lightning's ability to capture nitrogen in the form of nitrates when it strikes water. By merely utilising air, water and electricity, Debye provides farmers on-the-spot or local supply of nitrate-based fertilisers. With the help of the Agri-Tech Centres, this groundbreaking technology is currently under trial, which if successful could allow Debye to undertake small-scale pilot projects on a farm setting within three years, subject to funding. 

The 18-month feasibility R&D project is taking place on lettuce crops in Agri-Tech Centre CHAP’s vertical farming facility at Stockbridge. Project management and life-cycle analysis along with the measurement of the product's environmental and economical sustainability at each stage of its development, is being carried out by the Centre Agri-EPI. The objective of the trial is to develop a 1 kW proof-of-concept prototype, to quantify and compare crop yields and post-harvest properties for standard nitrogen fertiliser and fertiliser produced by Debye Ltd.’s machine and to determine its commercial viability.

“Fertiliser is critical to global food security, but current production methods cause environmental harm and are subject to market disruption," said Debye Ltd's chief technical officer, Dr Burak Karadag. “Our technology harnesses nature’s own elegant solution: lightning strikes water with such energy that it breaks apart atmospheric nitrogen molecules, creating nitrogen dioxide, which is soluble in water and readily absorbed by plants." 

He further emphasised that while farmers are moving to green hydrogen in an attempt to reduce fertiliser's carbon footprint, local, renewably powered direct hydrogen capture technology could turn it into a near zero-emission process, and having far better outcomes for soil health. 

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Across the new lineup, operators can expect to see a 5-15-rated horsepower increase, depending on the specific model number. (Image source: CNH)

With the aim to boost power by retaining the same look and feel, New Holland has rolled out new model additions to its GENESIS T8 Series with PLM Intelligence

The T30 is ideal for farmers looking to achieve high efficiency and excellent spraying results. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Drone technology company, DJI Agriculture has designed a new spraying drone, Agras T30 to cater to the needs of modern farming

The technology displays a wide range of features including:

  • 16 sprinklers offering full coverage: The Agras T30 is equipped with 16 sprinklers that provide a 9-metre spray width, allowing it to cover up to 40 acres/hour. This ensures that the liquid pesticides are applied evenly, effectively and with great precision.
  • Powerful pumps: The T30 has introduced a newly developed horizontally opposed six-cylinder piston pump to enhance the power density of the pump, diminish flow pulsation, lighten the body weight, and optimise battery costs. Moreover, it supports a spraying capacity of 16 ha/h, effectively improving efficiency.
  • Eight sets of solenoid valves: This drone is equipped with eight individual sets of solenoid valves ensuring precision, virtually eliminating leaks and resulting in an evenly distributed spray. The ability to manage each nozzle independently opens up a range of application possibilities.
  • Innovative route planning: With the help of the continuous liquid level metre, the T30 incorporates innovative route planning and recommends points for refills, thereby minimising the number of non-productive flights, and significantly enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, if spraying cannot be fully accomplished around the edges of the field, the edge sweeping mode tremendously improves the overall effectiveness of the operation.

The T30 is ideal for farmers looking to achieve high efficiency and excellent spraying results. 

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During the webinar, Regal Rexnord PES officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanmu Equipment Technology. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Regal Rexnord PES, in collaboration with industry partners Nanmu Equipment Technology and Shandong Foreway, successfully held an online webinar titled 'Green, Efficient, Collaborative – The Innovative Path to Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry' in Yunfu, Guangdong

The machine leverages AI to constantly learn and dynamically react to its environment. (Image source: Bobcat)

Leading global manufacturer, Doosan Bobcat recently unveiled the industry's first autonomous and electric articulating tractor – the Bobcat AT450X enabled by leading software and services company, Agtonomy at CES 2024, which took place at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from 9-12 January this year

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