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Leveraging BeCrop technology, stakeholders can proactively monitor and manage soil conditions and accomplish company goals. (Image source: Biome Makers)

Biome Makers Inc. will be announcing new updates to its BeCrop technology in an exclusive webinar scheduled to take place on 29 November

New Holland CR11 wins Best Combine Harvester. (Image source: CNH)

CNH on 12 November, announced that its brands had won the most medals at the Farm Machine 2024 awards which took place at the Agritechnica show in Hanover, Germany

AI makes watering decisions based on the field environment. (Image source: NEC Corporation)

Kagome Co., Ltd., NEC Corporation and DXAS Agricultural Technology LDA have commercially introduced an agricultural ICT platform, ‘CropScope,’ to large-scale tomato fields in northern Italy and Portugal

The platform which combines AI farming advice and automatic irrigation control functions, is compatible with pulse drip irrigation, a cultivation method in which the amount of water and fertiliser required by a crop is given in many portions, and the optimum amount of soil moisture for the crop is maintained. 

By expanding the areas in which CropScope is introduced, the three companies aim to contribute to sustainable agriculture by promoting environmentally friendly and profitable farming. They have also confirmed reproducibility and are effectively responding to water shortages at farming sites, which are challenges faced around the world.

Results from a field trial of CropScope in northern Italy found that using the technology helped increase yield by about 23% with about 19% less irrigation, compared to a field that did not introduce the platform. It was confirmed that this system would produce good results even in new cultivation environments where climates, soil, etc. differed from those in the regions where CropScope was previously introduced. 

The three companies plan to incorporate the knowledge gained from this initiative into the machine-learning of CropScope, and to improve the accuracy of AI farming advice and strengthen solutions by repeating field trials and increasing reproducibility. In addition, DXAS will reinforce its support for agricultural management by spreading this service to the worldwide processing tomato market.

"Congratulations to CropScope and its cutting-edge technology, in collaboration with agronomist instructions, the platform has obtained meaningful results from this campaign in fields of significant size,” said CEO of Herdade do Caldas in Portugal, João Geada. “The industrial tomato crop is one of the most difficult to produce, especially in the current unstable farming environment, which is why the support provided by CropScope is so needed for daily control of fields.”

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Lucent Bio founders announce US$3.6mn funding with Minister Sajjan and MP Weiler for innovative seed treatment technology. (Image source: Lucent BioSciences)

Agricultural technology company, Lucent Bio on November 7 announced that it had secured more than US$3.6mn for the development of their innovative seed treatment technology, Nutreos

Being a biodegradable and micro-plastic free seed coating, Nutreos is designed to promote strong germination, vigour, and crop establishment, supporting the transition of traditional agriculture inputs to sustainable alternatives.

The million dollar funding will be provided by the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada (PacifiCan) through the Business Scale-up and Productivity programme, earmarked to expedite the development of this technology. As Nutreos transitions from a lab concept to a field-ready product, the investment will expand its market to farmers globally, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of environmentally friendly seed treatment solutions for all producers. 

The expansion efforts aim to empower more farmers with a sustainable and effective method for promoting crop establishment and vitality. Following the announcement was the grand opening of Lucent Bio’s micronutrient fertiliser plant in Rosetown, Saskatchewan. 

“This initiative will enhance food security and climate resilience, making a lasting positive impact on our community and beyond. Were thrilled to be part of this visionary endeavour that aligns perfectly with our mission to pioneer sustainable agriculture solutions," said CEO and founder of Lucent BioSciences, Michael Riedijk.

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TERRADISC 10001 T, AMICO F. (Image source: Pöttinger)

Pöttinger has now equipped not only its TERRIA stubble cultivators but also its trailed TERRADISC 8001 T / 10001 T disc harrows with a distribution system coupled to the AMICO F front hopper, enabling soil cultivation and sowing or fertilisation to be done at the same time

In just one pass, fertiliser or cover crops are sown directly into the soil using this resource-saving process. Cover crops are directly stimulated to germinate because they are immediately covered and consolidated by the packer. This can be done during shallow stubble cultivation. Driving speeds above 10 kph in combination with the wide working widths of 8-10 m ensure an enormous output.

Large diameter, scalloped discs with a diameter of 580 mm slice into the ground and get the soil moving. The TWIN ARM suspension system prevents the discs from deviating sideways on hard ground, ensuring that the whole surface is moved, which ultimately ensures uniform application of the seed material and fertiliser.

Setting the distribution rail with the outlet diagonal to the ground feeds the fertiliser or seed into the flow of soil, resulting in the material to join the flow of soil to be deposited on or near the surface. This method is suitable for sowing greening or cover crop mixtures.

Moreover, setting the distribution rail perpendicular to the ground allows the material to immediately mix into the soil below so that it is deposited across the full cultivation depth. The fertiliser and seed material is therefore distributed throughout the entire cross section or soil movement.

The TERRADISC T with the distribution system for the AMICO F front hopper is a high output solution for sustainable and strong plant growth. The capacity of 1,700 or 2,400 litres and a division of 60:40 ensures a wide range of applications for the front hopper. Furthermore, the hopper can also be used in combination with third-party equipment thanks to the ISOBUS control system without any issues.

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