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Considering the huge market potential in Africa, Zoomlion is planning to select good African countries with good industrial foundation to localise parts of the production. (Image source: Zoomlion)

Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd, Chinese manufacturer of construction machinery and sanitation equipment, has revealed plans to strengthen agricultural cooperation between China and Africa

These preliminary data show that the addition of MSP IMMUNITY to the feed could improve the transfer of lactogenic immunity (through the colostrum and milk) and protect newborn piglets from infection and reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock. (Image source: OLMIX)

As part of a partnership between Olmix Group and the Joint Research Unit for Infectiology and Public Health at INRA Val de Loire, an in vitro study was carried out on differentiated porcine intestinal epithelial cells

The customer service center opened following a week-long demo show, which included demonstrations at customer sites and at the new facility. (Image source: TOMRA Food)

TOMRA Food has opened a customer service centre in Bengaluru, India as part of its efforts to improve the organisations’ responsiveness to all its stakeholders

The trial demonstrates the efficacy of a diet with strategically timed additions of esters of butyric acid (ProPhorce SR) and esters of valeric acid (ProPhorce Valerins). (Image source: Perstorp)

Perstorp, specialty chemical solution provider for a wide variety of industries and applications, has launched ProPhorce Valerins in the field of animal nutrition to improve animal performance and gut balance

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