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TOMRA’s sorting machines aim to employ unique biometric signature identification (BSI) technology. (Image source: TOMRA)

TOMRA, food safety technology provier, has launched near infra-red (NIR) spectroscopy, fluorescent lighting and advanced lasers to analyse and identify the extremely low intensity of light reflected by aflatoxin mould and fungus in a variety of food types, enabling the detection of aflatoxin contamination

The initiative aims to encourage new ideas to solve issues in sugar, as well as in global agriculture. (Image credit: Fernando Augusto/Pixabay)

AB Sugar, in partnership with WaterAid and the Centre for Industrial Sustainability at the University of Cambridge, has launched a first-of-its-kind Innovate Irrigation Challenge, seeking to generate new ideas to reduce water losses from irrigation in sugar

In Australia, sugarcane farming is a serious business in many coastal areas and the need for efficient methods of harvesting has driven most farmers to move to mechanical methods of harvesting during recent years. (Image source: Chetan Bisariya/Flickr)

Samart Kaset Yont Part Ltd has developed a range of machines with an aim to help Asia’s sugarcane operators to boost output with reduced cost

Application of PHNIX heat pump dryer for grape drying in China. (Image source: PHNIX)

PHNIX, heat pump dryer manufacturer in China, has launched the agricultural heat pump dryer, with an aim to save up to 75 per cent on operating costs

Kaushlendra Parihar, project manager networked technologies at Bühler, with Tubex Pro. (Image source: Bühler)

Bühler, global solution provider in the supply of flour production plants, pasta and chocolate production lines and animal feed manufacturing installations, has launched Tubex Pro, aiming to bring weighing to the next level, using advanced connectivity and digital applications

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