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Japanese biotechnologists have developed a rice plant with deeper roots that can sustain high yields even in droughts that wipe out conventional rice crops

In recent times, novel dimensions using combinations of micronutrients and biostimulants to manipulate oil palm physiology, growth and development is opening up avenues to maximise production. (Image source: Manoj K/Flickr)

Southeast Asia, currently the hub of oil palm industry with Indonesia and Malaysia accounting for about 85-90 per cent of the worldwide production, needs to introduce innovative production methods for better gains

The soaring Chinese wheat purchases may lift global prices of the grain by about 10 per cent in the next few months. (Image source: Nupur Dasgupta/Flickr)

With unseasonal rains in May destroying a substantial part of Chinese wheat crops, the country has rushed into the Australian wheat market, buying close to 1.5mn tonnes of the grain in the last four months

Cost of feed may account for about 50 per cent of the cost of raising poultry and livestock. (Image source: Swathi_Sridharan/Flickr)

Philippines may soon be able to help livestock farmers lower their production costs by introducing sweet sorghum as a cheaper feed alternative

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