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Thailands January rice exports have increased from about 439,677 tonnes in January 2012 to about 575,136 tonnes in January 2013. (Image source: USDAgov/Flickr)

Increasing exports of Thai rice to countries like China, Iraq, the US and and several African nations has resulted in almost a 31 per cent increase in Thailands rice exports

The main biotech crop in China is cotton, followed by papayas, poplar trees, tomatoes and sweet peppers. (Image source: David Stanley/Flickr)

China has become one of the biggest users of biotech farming with over four million hectares of agricultural land planted with genetically modified (GM) crops currently

Crushed soy forms a key livestock feed ingredient across the globe. (Image source: Derek Purdy/Flickr)

China may replace South America as the dominant exporter of key animal feed ingredient, soymeal, to Southeast Asia

Raising grain output and increasing farming subsidies will be the focus of the Chinese government policy in 2013. (Image source: mattbuck4950/Flickr)

China has revealed plans to increase grain output in 2013 by using 276.6mn acres of additional land for farming in the year

Growing crop in an organic way will ensure that there is no harm to the environment due to chemical use. (Image source: USDAgov/Flickr)

Bhutan has revealed plans to produce crops in a completely organic way by banning pesticides and insecticides and using only animal and farm waste as fertiliser

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