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Food & Commodity

China aims to to boost grain production capacity by 50 million tonnes. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

China will increase its efforts to boost the output of soybeans and edible oils, citing a key rural policy document as it continues to push for greater self-sufficiency in its key food supplies

Indonesia is the worlds biggest producer of palm oil. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Indonesias biodiesel policy and the likely arrival of the El Nino weather pattern could further strain global inventories of palm oil, raising prices later this year according to leading industry officials and analysts

Bringing digital solutions to food production. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Stefan Hoh, head of Market Segment from Buhler Group speaks with Far Eastern Agriculture on bringing digital solutions to feed plants and future developments

The hybrid fruit, known as an atemoya, is a cross between the sugar apple and cherimoya. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

A shipment of a hybrid variety of sugar apples grown by Taitung farmers is to be shipped to Brunei, as local growers eye new markets following a Chinese import suspension, according to the Taitung County Agriculture Department

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