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Processing & Storage

The Act featured timely and scientific updates regarding the life cycle assessment of US corn-based ethanol. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has released its final proposed rule for partial amendment of the Act on Sophisticated Methods of Energy Supply Structures on 30 March 2023 – in place through 2028 – that allows the country to further contribute to its climate targets through consumption of lower-carbon ethanol and, for the first time, will allow US ethanol to successfully access 100% of the Japanese biofuel market

Symagas objective is to become one of the key silos suppliers for the most populous continent on the planet. (Image source: Symaga)

Asia being the largest and most populous continent on the planet has experienced a growing demand for storage in the recent years, making it a key area for Symaga

The company caters to the grain industry, often providing storage solutions with silos, material handling equipment and cleaning equipment. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Michael Petzmann, Manager of Grain & Seeds Sales at GSI Group, AGCO, speaks with Far Eastern Agriculture about storage solutions for the grain industry and plans for future expansion into the Asia region

Alltech’s Bioplex range of minerals support the overall health, immune status and reproductive function of animals. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Vietnam on 2 November, saw the opening of Bioplex plant, the first organic mineral production facility in the country

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