Indonesia is the world’s second largest user of palm oil after India. (Image source: CIFOR/Flickr)

Sales of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) are expected to hit a record high in Indonesia this year due to larger purchase commitments from main buyer countries, according to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

China is expected to account for 40 per cent of the rise in global corn trade over the next decade. (Image source: Zeeshan Qureshi/

China is set to become the world’s largest corn importer by 2020, according to USDA reports

Cocoa Care, a scalable sustainability programme, is aiding farmers through agronomy training, information dissemination, provision of inputs, and by building a unique cocoa community network. (Image source: Darias Martin/

A partnership between the International Plant Nutrition Institute — Southeast Asia Program (IPNI SEAP) and PT Community Solutions International’s Cocoa Care programme has been helping farmers in Indonesia rehabilitate their farms

The collaboration includes varietal improvement and the development of rice-based technologies to enhance rice productivity and profitability in the Philippines. (Image source: Shahnur A Alam/

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) have signed an agreement to mutually protect elite breeding lines of rice varieties

In 2011, 44 per cent of agriculture-related GHG outputs occurred in Asia, followed by the Americas (25 per cent), Africa (15 per cent), Europe (12 per cent), and Oceania (four per cent), according to FAO’s data. (Image source: Jean Daniel Echenard/Flickr)

Emissions from agriculture, forestry and fisheries have nearly doubled over the past 50 years and could increase an additional 30 per cent by 2050, without greater efforts to reduce them, new FAO estimates of greenhouse gas data shows

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