Hog production in Q1 2015 reached 499,890 tonnes. (Image source: Adam Cohn)

Production levels in the Philippines poultry and pig farming sectors has risen in Q1 2015

Import volumes are yet to catch up to export volumes, and there is still an expectation that Australia’s slaughter will slow through late winter – limiting the volume of beef available for exports. (Image source: PDPhotos/Pixabay)

Australian beef exports to North America were 55 per cent higher compared to last year during April 2015, as the price of imported beef in the USA is still high

Indonesia had imposed a quota system for cattle imports in a bid to improve the domestic cattle industry. (Image source:

Indonesia will import 250,000 live cattle from Australia for Q2 2015, as the country prepares for the fasting month of Ramadan and Lebaran celebration when demand for beef often increases

Demand for dairy products in Asian countries has risen rapidly for years due to growing populations and changing tastes. (Image source: CGIAR/Flickr)

Asia is expected to produce 320mn tonnes by 2021 to order meet its growing demand for milk and dairy products, said FAO in a report

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