Greenpeace has expressed concern over the livelihood of fishermen being threatened by over-fishing of tuna in Philippines. (Image source: PaulKeller/Flickr)

Environmental group Greenpeace has urged the Philippines government to design an effective measure to stop over-fishing, especially of tuna

Oceansphere fishing system is an automated positioning and submersible open ocean platform that can grow yellow fin tuna. (Image source: Hawaii)

Hawaii Oceanic Technology has unveiled a fishing tank that is equipped to offer advanced and environmental way of seafood farming 

Shrimp was a major import item for China from Vietnam in 2012-2013. (Image source: MicheleMilidoni/Flickr)

China has surpassed South Korea in Vietnamese seafood imports for the year 2012 to the second quarter of 2013

Philippines agriculture department has approved a crab management plan which will seek to conserve and regulate the blue swimming crab

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