The experts also expect 35% of farmers will use drones to monitor and manage field crops and animals to reduce labour costs and manage more acreage. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Connected sensors can make a big difference in solving global challenges, helping safely deliver temperature-sensitive COVID-19 vaccines, analyse crop data to deliver higher-quality food, improve energy forecasting to reduce utility bills, and protect people and property from dangerous flooding

The invasive Asian blue tick feeds on cattle, hindering food production across the world, threatening livelihoods and causing billions of dollars in annual losses to farmers. (Image source: Oxitec)

Oxitec, a developer of biological solutions to control pests that transmit disease, destroy crops and harm livestock, has launched a programme aimed at the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus microplus, an expanding global pest of cattle and other livestock, causing billions of dollars in losses annually

Sustell enables farmers to accurately forecast the impact of sustainability measures on financial performance. (Image source: DSM)

DSM has launched Sustell, an intelligent sustainability service to drive improvements in the environmental footprint and profitability of animal protein production

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