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Ecobiol Fizz is a soluble tablet designed for water systems, containing naturally occurring Bacillus amyloliquefaciens that rapidly proliferates. (Image source: Evonik)

At the conference programme held on 9 March at VIV Asia 2023, Wang Xu, Head of Gut Health Solution at Evonik Animal Nutrition, highlighted the benefits of Ecobiol Fizz, a soluble probiotic tablet which evenly distributes spores in water, without biofilm formation or clogging in water tanks and drinking lines

The DA plans to carry out rigorous, on-site inspections in all major ports of entry. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

As a result of the outbreak of mad cow disease in The Netherlands and avian influenza in Turkey, the Department of Agriculture (DA) recently imposed a temporary ban on the import of cattle-based products from The Netherlands and poultry-based products from Turkey

Affected birds of the virus had to be culled. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

A number of outbreaks of the HPAI virus has been detected in parts of Asia, leading to the culling of several afflicted birds

The accreditation of Brunei as a new country source for eggs is another step towards augmenting food cooperation between both countries. (Image Source: Adobe Stock)

On 13 December, during Singapore Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu’s official visit to Brunei’s Golden Chick Livestock Farm, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced the accreditation of Brunei as the new source of chicken egg export to Singapore

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