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Food & Commodity

PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa Tbk and PT Spade Investment International sign cooperation agreement (Image source: Adobe Stock)

In an attempt to strengthen their relations with international markets, PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa Tbk (WMPP) has signed a cooperation agreement with PT Spade Investment International (SII) with plans to develop an integrated farming plan and export poultry products to China

Fruit-X soon to be rebranded FRESH FRUIT-X after AM FRESH Group acquires majority stake in the company (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Malaysia-based Fruit-X will soon be rebranded as ‘FRESH FRUIT-X’ after leading genetics; agri-tech and farming company AM FRESH Group acquires a majority stake in the company, with aims of redefining the produce industry in Asia

ADB announces US$14bn programme to tackle food crisis in Asia-Pacific (Image source: Adobe Stock)

On 27 September, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced that a new US$14bn programme was being planned to tackle the emerging food crisis in the Asia-Pacific region

The NIAs Space-F project is pushing Bangkok to become the next food-tech capital (Image source: Adobe Stock)

In light of the current global security crisis, the National Innovation Agency (NIA) has been pushing Bangkok to emerge as the next ‘Silicon Valley’ of food tech

Pinduoduo and China Agricultural University are long-time partners in promoting agricultural research and technology. (Image source: Pinduoduo)

China Agricultural University has made breakthroughs in developing new wheat varieties with higher protein and mineral content with support from Pinduoduo’s 10 Billion Agriculture Initiative, paving the way for the production of healthier food

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