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The results of the study were validated by an independent Scientific Council made up of global experts in the fields of LCA methodology and animal nutrition. (Image source: Watt Publishing/Flickr)

A new study has established a clear role for speciality feed ingredients for reducing the environmental impact of poultry and pig production with low-protein diets and the addition of phytase

The banana functions as a bioreactor, resulting in a vegetable oral vaccine. (Image source: Rameshng/Flickr)

A team of researchers from a Taiwanese university have developed an oral vaccine for pigs to protect them against Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV)

Wood-eating pigs are expected to reduce cost of production for farmers. (Image source: wattpublishing/Flickr)

A team of researchers at Tawian’s Tunghai University (THU) is working to create wood-eating, environmentally-friendly pigs, by splicing genes from cellulose-digesting microbes in termite guts into pigs

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