Fostera PRRS, a modified-live vaccine for growing pigs from Pfizer Animal Health, helps to fight the costly battle against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) respiratory disease

Breeding companies have been producing increasingly fast growing and more highly efficient broilers for a number of years and like the broiler birds their parents (the broiler breeders) have registered rapid change

With the largest of its chemical investments to date, Evonik—a leading specialty chemicals company— plans to strengthen its core business with essential amino acids for animal nutrition.

New Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) research suggests that egg production has the lowest carbon footprint of all the main protein foods.

IT major IBM and China-based Shandong Commercial Group Co. Ltd. (Lushang Group) recently announced that they have designed a system that will help ensure the safety of pork products in eastern Chinas Shandong province, while also improving the efficiency of the food supply chain in the region.

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